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What is Existential Therapy?

Existential Therapy focuses on the exploration of a person's sense of being-in-the-world. Therapists tend to take a here-and-now approach, emphasising their client's ability to make decisions in the present, rather than rely on the influences of their past. They attempt to explore the meaning of certain problem areas for a client through a philosophical, rather than technique-based approach.  


Existential therapists aim to encourage the client to be honest with themselves, to broaden their views on their surrounding world and environment, and to make firm decisions about future plans. Existential Therapy is based on the assumption that people are directly responsible for their lives and the environment they exist in.

How can it help?

Existential psychotherapy is suitable for those willing to increase their self-awareness and who are prepared to take control of their lives and make positive changes. Relationship and family issues are among the issues that can be addressed.


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